Showreel 2019


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I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below
and enjoy my video.

Some of my most recent work from 2018. I started with recording Tokyo sites from my drone, action camera on cars and handheld camera with natural movement. You can find a part of Tokyo Game Show footage for my YouTube channel and clients in Poland. A few travel and underwater shots were made for a few YouTubers who love Japan and travel like me. Then we go to the military camp in Gunma where we can meet a guy who restores second world war military vehicles in his garage. Furthermore, I will show you the extraordinary food made in different parts of Japan.

I love to travel that’s why I recorded a lot of my trips for my channel on Youtube. But the most important for me is to show the passion of the people and that’s why the people have a special spot in my videos. When I making videos I try to show their knowledge, excitement and extraordinary personality. Hope you will find something exciting in my videos too.

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